We want to operate our company group as an independent, family-run company. Each individual company is focussed on recycling waste paper, as well as producing and processing recycled cardboard.

Here, supplying each of our manufacturing plants with the necessary raw materials is always the top priority.

It is our responsibility to provide the resources required to establish, implement and evaluate our key messages in connection with this topic, which we define below.

It is also our responsibility to comply with both statutory regulations and our own internal requirements. To fulfil our responsibility and meet these requirements, as well as continuously improve our management system, we must continue to make the necessary choices, carry out the required controls and provide appropriate staff briefings, all without limiting the autonomy of our employees.

Our challenge is meeting the increasing expectations of our customers, employees, suppliers, partners, shareholders, local residents and authorities.


Through backward and forward integrations for procuring and processing our raw materials, we aim to meet the quality requirements in our products’ various areas of use while minimising production, distribution and logistics costs.

We supply a quality cardboard for the collapsible box industry and subsequent packaging industry that scores highly in all technical performance areas. The collapsible boxes that we manufacture ourselves are also subject to the same standards.

When it comes to technical cardboard used in the plasterboard industry, we aim to provide a quality standard that guarantees maximum performance for our customers.

Technology and environmental protection

In the interest of protecting the environment and preserving resources, we aim to keep our company competitive by implementing improved processes and utilising new technologies. Only through modern technology that improves both our environmental and energy performance can we ensure the future growth that we are targeting equally across all business units. In doing so, our primary focus lies in maintaining the ecological balance of the river Nette, which has not only been declared an FFH zone, but is also a significant water reservoir for our company.

We want to proactively keep the pollution of the surrounding area with non-avoidable emissions to a minimum for local residents.

Customer focus

Through a market-orientated, flexible internal organisation, we aim to respond to customer needs individually and foster personal, partnership-based relationships with an established customer base, with the ultimate goal of meeting customers’ product quality, supply and service requirements.

Employee focus

We aim to strengthen our employees’ initiative and creative power, encouraging and recognising their contributions. We want to ensure that our staff can also meet the relevant product, quality, environmental and market requirements.

All employees are encouraged to support the corporate policy, implement company targets and fulfil their respective role within the M-system. This also applies to employees of external companies working on our company premises.


Our company aims to offer our customers products of a higher quality and hygiene standard. The autonomy and willingness to cooperate on the part of our employees is crucial to achieve this.

It should be clear that each individual employee is responsible for meeting the hygiene standards pertinent to the products produced within their area of responsibility.

Company managers are responsible for ensuring employees maintain high levels of hygiene in their work in order to constantly improve the system. By motivating all employees, we aim to build a comprehensive awareness for hygiene to ensure we are always ready for increasing requirements going forward. This includes complying with the relevant statutory food safety regulations.

Company management must also ensure any necessary updates are carried out to keep the system up to date.


We take sustainability very seriously throughout our company – whether it’s employee conduct, questions of environment and society, or how we invest capital. For us, it’s not just a fleeting trend, it’s a movement that will only continue to affect our company and the cardboard production sector as whole. And it’s not just an environmental issue – social and financial sustainability are just as important. Our products are saving the environment. Recycled cardboard is the signature product, both economically and in terms of saving resources, fulfilling our responsibility to all interest groups. We believe that, in the future, there will no longer be room in the supply chain for companies that do not prioritise sustainability. Environmental protection and energy efficiency are ever-present issues for us. That’s why we have established an “Energy efficiency task force”. This task force will be responsible for tackling these issues on a continual basis, ensuring that, as a company, we continue to improve our protocols to conserve resources and protect our precious planet.

Each and every employee must use energy responsibly. Employees will be provided with information and training to support the company in this mission.

Occupational health and safety

It goes without saying that the health of our employees is our responsibility. Beyond the basic statutory requirements, we also take additional necessary measures to prevent accidents and ensure the long-term health of all of our employees. Constantly improving in the area of occupational health and safety is just as important as improving our product quality.