For the eighth time WEIG invited customers, brand owners and representatives from the retail sector to the Kartonforum. This year the conference focused on the mega trend “no plastic” and the resulting chances for the cartonboard and folding carton industry.

Mr. Moritz J. Weig welcomed all participants to the conference and emphasised the importance of mindfulness, sustainability as well as social responsibility.

Within four lectures the social, entrepreneurial and regulatory challenges for plastic packaging today were highlighted from different perspectives.

Stephan Horch, initiator of the Clean River Project, reported about the everyday pollution of the waters in Germany. His activities for a clean environment encounter great public interest and inspire more and more people.

Christian Thunig, managing partner of INNOFACT AG and former editor in chief of absatzwirtschaft (German magazine for marketing), highlighted the importance of ethic and sustainability for brands to gain the acceptance of consumers in the future.

Klaus Windhagen, managing director of the German pulp and paper association (VDP), informed about regulatory projects. In addition to an overview about of the long-discussed topics ink-regulation, mineral oil ordinance and the law on closed cycle management, he explained the upcoming EU plastic strategy.

Simone Zippel reported on her self-experiment to live without plastic for one week. Disillusioning she noted: it is not possible. But she gave advices how to reduce the amount of plastic waste with conscious shopping.

In order to meet the demand for alternatives to plastic packaging, WEIG counts on innovative product and process development. Dr. Boris Rotter, head of technology at WEIG, illustrated the procedure and the status of development at WEIG based on our products for mineral oil and grease barrier. Always with the customer benefit as first priority.

The new online service portal of WEIG pursues the same approach. Leila Kaddatz, project manager at WEIG, presented the portal during the Kartonforum. It enables to call up customer and product information around the clock in realtime and to handle orders digitally. An user-oriented platform, customer-specific adjustments as well as continuous iterative system development together with the customer are the requirements to guarantee customer benefit as top priority.

Parallel to the online service portal WEIG works on the expansion of data exchange based on EDI connections.

For WEIG the combination of classic sales work, online services and the automatic data exchange is the future of a packaging world network.

Unanimous opinion of the participants: As every year, an emphatically informative event on a current topic with new insights and solutions.